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Preparation, translation, proofreading

fordítás Top class associates are needed to provide excellent quality language services. This is exactly what we prioritise when selecting our interpreters and translators. At the same, we have been receiving more and more orders for translating long pieces of text within a very short deadline. Skilled translators are just as important in this case as well, however, not sufficient alone: it is only possible to ensure the use of consistent terminology and expressions through sound preparation and the use of IT equipment. This particularly becomes important whenever several translators are working on the same project. In order for us to be able to provide top quality services, our translating agency follows requirements specified by the EN 15038:2006 European Translation Standard.

Our quality assurance system makes it possible to deliver top quality translations

  • with consistent terminology,
  • checked in terms of format and spelling and
  • written in a good style.

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