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Tasks performed always with absolute precision

Hungary 's leading publisher of dailies, Ringier Publishing Ltd. has been using services provided by Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency for many years. During the course of our cooperation, the Agency demonstrated that is has sound knowledge of the concerned professional area, can be contacted, whenever needed and is capable of concurrently managing a high volume of tasks. The Agency always performed tasks with maximum precision and by the deadline we set by also taking account of flexibility demanded on behalf of our publishing company.

Ringier Publishing Ltd.
Attila Mihók
Managing Director

We found the partner we can rely on

Népszabadság Ltd. publishes Hungary 's most popular daily Népszabadság and operates one of the country's leading news portals, We need a language service provider capable of delivering even a high volume of translation work expediently, accurately and according to deadlines. Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency is a partner we can always rely on.

Népszabadság Ltd.
Tibor Kovács

Word by Word always met set deadlines

As Research Director of Ringier Publishing, I have been choosing Word by Word Translation Agency for translating various surveys and research reports into English or German for many years. The Agency always delivered translations up to set deadlines and provided a great deal of help in making our translated presentations just as clear and understandable as their original Hungarian versions.

Ringier Publishing Ltd.
András Máth
Research Director

We would not hesitate to choose this company again

MédiaLOG Ltd. has been engaging in distributing newspapers and magazines to subscribers in Hungary since 2007. During the course of designing and the introduction of our services, foreign experts helped us with our work for several months by working in collaboration with Hungarian colleagues to find optimum solutions. Interpreters sent by Word By Word Translation and Interpreting Agency were a great help to us during this process. We are more than satisfied with the services provided by the Agency; should we once again need a similar volume of translations and interpretation work (several hundred of pages of translations within a short deadline period and several hundred days of interpreting since 2007), we would not hesitate to chose Word by Word once again.

MédiaLOG Ltd.
Győző Köő-Tóth

Translating presentations at conferences into Hungarian is a task that requires a great deal of routine

Translating press events or the messages of presentations held by foreign experts at conferences attended by several hundreds of people requires excellent professional knowledge and great routine. The well-prepared associates of Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency always performed their work with precision to the satisfaction of our clients.

Weber Shandwick Ltd.
Bálint Jankó
Client Relations Director

Outstanding professional experts

Euromédia Ltd. is one of Hungary 's leading magazine publishers with a portfolio of 13 magazines; the company has so far published over 30 books. In order for everything to go smoothly, we rely on the help of professional experts with outstanding language skills for arranging agreements with foreign authors and translating financial reports, legal documents, presentations, as well as marketing materials. The professional associates of Word by Word Translation Agency carry out these tasks at an excellent professional standard.

Euromédia Ltd.
Hajnalka Czövek
Company Manager

We managed to complete several of our projects prior to set deadlines thanks to their expertise

Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency has been a huge help in executing our strategy over the past period; thanks to the outstanding language skills of its associates, we managed to finish several e-business projects well before set deadlines, since we did not have to undertake the foreign language translation of documents tying in with these projects.

Erba '96 Ltd.
Erik Árokszállási
Managing Director

Linguistic precision

Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency has been performing translation and interpreting services for Blikk for numerous years. The professional standard and linguistic precision of the work delivered is excellent in our view; we are fully satisfied with the degree of preparation and level of professional experience of the associates of the Agency, as well as their expertise in the theme of publishing and journalism.

Marcell Murányi

They take a highly proactive approach to tasks

Jupiter Ltd. publishes Elixír magazine and operates the Internet portal, As an expert in esoteric themes, it was highly important for us that translators with outstanding language skills and excellent style carry out the translations of the astrology software we developed. The associates of Word by Word Translation Agency took a highly proactive approach to the tasks and did an outstanding job by delivering the work up to set deadlines and at an excellent standard. We would not hesitate to contract the same Agency for carrying out potential future tasks.

Elixír magazine and portal
Norbert Nagy
Owner and Publishing Director

Professional translators

As a multinational publishing company, Ringier employs over 7,000 employees in 8 various countries. As the editor-in-chief of the company magazine published in 6 languages, I need professional translators for publishing this magazine. The associates of Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency have been delivering high standard work for many years, which choice proved excellent over the course of our cooperation.

Domo - Ringier AG
Andi Kämmerling

Expediently, accurately and often simultaneously

From 2003 to 2006, I held sales workshops for publishing companies on numerous occasions in Hungary . During the course of these several-day workshops, the trainer and participants often communicated intensely, which was a real challenge for the interpreter on account of they way that everything communicated had to be translated quickly, accurately and often simultaneously. Imre Hadzsi demonstrated that he is capable of delivering high standard work and undertaking huge work loads.

Jochen H. Borchert

Professional experts with outstanding foreign language skills

Experts contracted by Word by Word Translation and Interpreting Agency with outstanding language skills have been helping the work of Nemzeti Sport for many years by performing translation and interpreting tasks. Their sound knowledge of the media market, insight into journalism and the newspaper production process is coupled with fast and accurate provision of tasks. Word by Word delivers excellent work.

Nemzeti Sport
József Buzgó

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