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fordítás Numerous years of interpreting and translation has taught us that questions need to be taken seriously. What may seem routine and evident to us, may not necessary be evident to our clients. This is why we collected a few important questions and responses provided to these, which may resolve your problem too.

How can I eliminate the time lost through interpretation?
If consecutive interpreting is not fast enough, i.e., you feel you are losing time in the way that first the presenter is saying what they have to say, which is then translated by the interpreter, ask for a whispering interpreter. When using this technique, the interpreter is basically providing a translation simultaneously to what is being said, so this will save a great deal of time. A key precondition for this is that the interpreter needs to be "comfortable" with the theme, i.e., know what the meeting or presentation is about and also needs to be ensured short breaks from time to time.

Why does the interpreter need background material, even though the person is fluent in foreign languages?
No interpreter is entirely up-to-date in every single topic; even having a general overview of the main professional areas is a complicated task, since both technical terminology and information are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Interpreting is a skill that enables an experienced interpreter with sound knowledge and a general overview of the theme to transpose thoughts from one language to another very quickly and clearly convey these to someone from another culture. This is why the interpreter needs to be familiar with technical terminology (for example do you know the meaning of colostrum milk, flux or coupn sheet? An interpreter may need to know straight away), as well as underlying connections, which is specifically why interpreters need input in the form of background material.

I speak a foreign language well, so do I need an interpreter at all?
An interpreter is not needed in every situation. However, there are situations in which they are particularly useful. In a tense meeting, you may not necessary say everything the way planned to. According to an old saying well-known among interpreters: "Without an interpreter, we generally say whatever we are capable of, but what we want to with an interpreter." Moreover, you have time to think while the interpreter is translating... and this may often come in handy!

Can you translate the key elements of a contract for me?
Yes, but only if you tell us what these are; and even then, the result may not necessarily be 100%. On the one hand, if you highlight what the key parts are, you will have presumably understood the contract and know what it is all about. In such cases, a translation may even be unnecessary. However, on the other hand, in order for the translation to be really good, it is important to take the source text as a single comprehensive unit. The translator needs to understand what they are working on. If they don't see through everything, are not in context, or fail to understand the internal connections of a document, they will not necessary produce the best piece of work. So, if you sign a contract like this... It would perhaps be worthwhile to opt for the costly solution and get the whole document translated, even if this may not seem too favourable on account of its price.

In many cases, there are only minute differences in the documents to be translated, however, we don't want to pay twice for the same translation. Is there a solution for this?
Yes, computer aided translation tools. This basically means that there is a database, in which the computer stores the already translated source and target segments of a document. Whenever a new segment begins, the computer tracks the text to be translated, and if any part or the whole text corresponds to any unit stored, the computer identifies this and signals this to the translator. Therefore, it is enough to translate something once, from which point on it will be available for every future translation job. If requested, we create a separate translation memory for regular clients, offering clients the opportunity to place orders for a new translation, equally including texts that were translated earlier, at a more favourable price.

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